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ZLO does NOT keep data for transcripts!

When teachers don’t handle paperwork from students, and when your normal routines of handling homework get disrupted, it’s really important to be collecting student homework for transcript documentation. This is ULTRA important if your student is doing high school level work. Print out your instructor’s responses to student work and staple it together with the original homework.

Here are our suggestions for collecting work:

  • DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY! You never know what you’ll need for documentation.
  • Get a large, 10” x 14” envelope for each class. Label a long edge AND a short edge with the class, the instructor, the dates the course was taken, and when you receive it, a grade. If the envelope fills up and you need another, then add the label “Part 1”, etc.
  • Homework can go in a pile. The order doesn’t really matter. If school work is done by chapters or topics then be sure to collect the homework for that chapter and add it to the pile.
  • Tests, papers, and projects should go on top of the homework pile.
  • Grade reports should go on top of the tests.
  • Put all of the above in the envelope. STORE the envelope either in a file cabinet or on a bookshelf, so that the marked edges show.
  • KEEP those envelopes, at least until the student has completed a subsequent course that will be transcripted by another institution, or the student has earned a certificate or degree granted by another institution.

ZLO has a page about planning for high school, writing transcripts, and thinking ahead. Find it here. also has handy resources for record keeping:

Elementary Record Keeping Kit

High School Record Keeping Kit

Now, more than ever… (documentation)
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