Laurel Community Baptist Church – ZLO’s next home

We’re really happy to announce that Laurel Community Baptist Church (LCBC) has consented to our use of their building next fall! It’s not far from our former location and won’t involve a marathon day to move over there. We have updated the location address and map on our Contact page.

LCBC, however, is a busier building than we are used to. Supervision of our kids will be of greater importance, as will our conscientious use of their building, always leaving it nicer than we found it, and remembering who else will be using their facility. There is a pre-school that meets daily. There is a Classical Conversations homeschool group that meets on Mondays and Wednesdays. There is a community clothing bank housed there, open on Thursdays. There are Bible studies and other groups that meet in the evenings. LCBC really serves this community, and our attitude needs to be that we will gladly participate in making and allowing all of that to happen. A friendly face, a smile to strangers, and a helpful greeting will be part of our daily attire while we are in attendance.

We are hoping to have an instructor walk-through next week (last week of July). We are thinking we will move our tables and carts over from New Life Fellowship around the 2nd week of August. Please watch for e-news on that topic. We’ll need all the help we can get!

Fees for fall

We’ve collected payments from most of our billing and have been holding it until we knew our new location. If our new location is acceptable to you, do nothing and we will cash your check on July 29th. If NOT, please send an email to Heather Kelly. We MUST hear from you by July 29th if you chose to OPT OUT or your check will be cashed. For those of you who have not made payment yet, payment must be mailed and postmarked at the post office by July 29th or a late fee WILL be added.

Late fees

Because of our location change, will will postpone applying the fee for late registration or late payment of your registration until July 30th. On August 15, however, there will be another hike in that late fee, so if you’re still mulling this over, don’t wait another day! Some classes are already FULL!

Financial aid applications are still due by August 15. Please visit the link below to find out more.

Financial Aid Info


New Location for ZLO!