Mission Trip to GUATEMALA

coming APRIL 2016

It’s time to start planning on next Year and what we can learn at ZLO and do in the World! One opportunity will be to go to Guatemala and work with the Pokomchi people up in the highlands. We were there two years ago with a mission group called ‘Hope of the Pokomchi’ and you can see their website at:  http://www.hopeofpokomchi.org

This 10 day trip will take us into an area that is largely unserviced, and last time we were literally at the end of the road. The mission group works with several villages, so I’m sure things will be different on this trip. There are a variety of projects that they work with: home rainwater catchment systems, latrines, and improved wood stoves. We will see what their needs are and choose a project that fits with our group.

Most importantly, we will have time to go and minister with kids at the local schools and be able to proclaim the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Make time in your schedule next year and watch for opportunities coming up to raise funds for this trip.

Contact Wayne Youngquist, Olga Wolters, or Molly Crocker for more information.


This blog entry was originally posted on our previous website, on an earlier date. (~2015-Feb 2016)

Mission Trip 2016
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