Ever wonder what our teachers do when they’re not at school? We know that our students have diverse interests and talents. They act, bike, camp, build and create, but how about the staff? Well, they’re just as active outside the classroom. Each month, we’ll feature a different staff member who stays busy in ways other than teaching. We love our ZLO students and staff members’ unique contributions to God’s world!

Mrs. Likkel

If you’re in her class, it doesn’t take long to learn of Mrs. Likkel’s favorite hobby: baking. For many years she has baked for fun but also for fundraisers, auctions and gifts. Her ultimate treat is chocolate cake and if you’ve ever had one, you probably won’t forget it. In addition to all kinds of cake, she also loves baking brownies, pies and cinnamon rolls – all from scratch, of course. Since her kids are out of the house and not gobbling up her food anymore, she’s more than happy to bake for others.

Also, not surprisingly, Mrs. Likkel loves everything to do with reading and writing. Did you know she’s working on a memoir right now? On Thursdays after school she heads to Village Books to take a class led by authors who have published their work and have great advice for those still writing theirs. Not only does she attend class there, but she’s often been found there when authors come to town, thereby adding signed books to her collection. To no one’s surprise, she often asks them questions and has been known to chat with them before or after the presentation. Additionally, she has published a few pieces in magazines and online and edits for anyone who needs it.

She loves being in the classroom reading and writing with kids and on those special days where cake is involved, well…all is right with her world.

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Meet Our Teachers: Sue Likkel
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