Nappies, laundry, dishes, or sticky digits engage my hands when I am not teaching. As a blessed wife and a busy mom to Blake and Victoria, my time typically involves overseeing my home and caring for my family.
  While the mundane but essential often employs my hands, I delight in filling my brainwaves with podcasts or audio books. You might say I’m an audio junkie! Learning captivates my mind and makes it smile. For example, I actually get daily emails with new vocabulary words because well, why use “big” when you could use “monolithic!”
  While my young ones nap, I work on lesson plans or other teaching related joys. Lesson planning makes my brain dance.
  Hobbies. I do have them. Its been awhile. But Mrs. Vis loves baking! She loves to make delicious gluten free and dairy free treats as well as crafting flavorful meals. Why settle for boring when something scintillating could make your taste buds jig?
  So if you find me at a grocery store with two chatty littles, know I’ve probably got an audiobook going on my phone and a tasty menu planned for that week.

Ever wonder what our teachers do when they’re not at school? We know that our students have diverse interests and talents. They act, bike, camp, build and create, but how about the staff? Well, they’re just as active outside the classroom. Each month, we’ll feature a different staff member who stays busy in ways other than teaching. We love our ZLO students and staff members’ unique contributions to God’s world!

Meet Our Teachers: Mrs. Vanessa Vis
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