We have an invitation to assist at an upcoming event, which could benefit ZLO.  Gwynne Meaker from the Mt Baker Kennel Club (MBKC) writes with the following request:
The Mt Baker Kennel Club (MBKC) is having their annual all breed dog show and obedience trial  at the Lynden NW Washington Fairgrounds May 18th – May 21st.  “We are looking for your help for Friday May 18th 8:00am to 5:00ish pm and Monday May 21st 8:00am – 6:30ish pm. We are looking for a minimum of 6 youth ages 10 – 14 and two parents who would be interested in working at the show on those days. Alternating parents and kids throughout the day is totally acceptable.Your group would be compensated $250 for each day, making it a fun way to earn money for the needs and maybe some of the wants for your organization.
MBKC is a local AKC affiliate, sanctioned to hold AKC Dog shows and matches. If you have ever watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show on TV, that is the fun your youth will get to be a part of in miniature. Helping out tends to be more fun than work. We have a group of 4H’ers that are helping us on Saturday and Sunday, who love working with us. However, they have school on Friday and Monday. “
If you could please let me know at your earliest convenience of you interest, that would be very much appreciated.
I can be reached by phone/text at 360-366-2658 or you can email me at skibomeaker@gmail.com
Thank you again and hope to hear back from your group!
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