ZLO is an alternative educational option in Whatcom County, Washington, designed to assist home schooled children and their families by offering once- and twice-weekly classes in a variety of subject areas.  Students take only the courses they want or need.

Our pattern of once- and twice-weekly classes allows parents to be the primary director of their child’s education, and also allows families to be families. Not being in class daily means that some students can focus on a major project, such as a competitive sport or activity that involves travel and long weekends.

For other students, it means we can spread out the high school years, allowing a student time to mature and achieve a higher level of success, or take the time for that big activity, and gain a better track record for college application. Most of our instructors are happy to work around family events that might take you away from school for a day or two.

We serve mostly secondary level students, but can also offer some K-6 introductory courses. All lifelong learners are welcome to take one or more courses. Parents are ALWAYS welcome to accompany a child, as long as there is space in the room.