From the May 30 newsletter:

On the last day of school this year, June 9, bring your family and join us for a service project and lots of fun lasting until Friday morning, if you can stay that long.

We will help the teachers clean their rooms, and then we will be trimming blackberries around the NLF property. This is a change from what we previously had planned. Please bring pruners, trimmers, gloves, and perhaps long sleeves and pants. A wheelbarrow or two would be welcome. Then we’ll play!

Bring a parent (or be signed off to be supervised by a parent who is staying), your tent, sleeping bag, and $5.00 for dinner, S’mores, and a light breakfast. We may do some water ballooning, German Spotlight tag, scavenger hunt, and other fun that you propose.

It all ends Friday morning after a simple breakfast over the fire, at about 9 AM. Hope you can all come! Please let us know you are coming by signing up on the poster in the hall.

Questions? Contact Mrs. Hadfield.

Last Day Service Project & Party
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