This event has already taken place. We enjoyed having Mr. Bach with us yesterday, sharing his story and some very fun critical thinking activities!

We are inviting all Whatcom County homeschoolers to meet James Bach at 2:30 PM until 4 PM, and possibly get a free signed copy of his book, Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar. Please let interested friends and family know.

James Bach is the kind of person we would want every homeschooler to emulate. He is a self-educated, successful person who became a leader in an important field. He will be present on ZLO’s campus on Thursday, October 12, to share his enthusiasm for self-directed learning. Parents are highly encouraged to find him in our building and observe and participate while he works with our students teaching critical thinking skills, a presentation he has done with several homeschooling groups. He should be in or near our study hall from 9:35 am to 12:45 pm.

About James Bach
The son of author Richard Bach and younger brother of Erica Berdan (ZLO Science & Technology Instructor), James Marcus Bach was brought up with a craving for liberation. When he was twelve, he discovered the 13th amendment of the Constitution, and invoked it to justify his refusal to do homework. Later, nudged by Dad, he quit high school.
James was hired by Apple Computer a few years later, and has since become an internationally recognized leader in the little field of software testing. James’ passion is to teach people to think better. He is the author of Lessons Learned in Software Testing, and Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar, which describes his approach to self-education.
James is lucky that his wife and sister run the administrative side of his consulting practice so that all he has to do is daydream and talk to people. He also has an adult son who dropped out of school at 12 and wrote and published a science fiction novel before he turned 21.



Past Event: James Bach to Visit ZLO