The first week of classes will be a hot one!

And we still have a dress code.  The dress code is meant for students to not be a distraction in class, so learning can continue from the beginning of the year through the last day of classes.  Would you please review the dress code with your student:


Be covered. Get in front of a mirror, BEND OVER, and apply the 3-B test – ASK if you don’t know what this is. No spaghetti straps, no underwear showing, and hems on shorts and skirts will be knee-length.

Be clean.

Be comfortable.

Any communications (words, phrases, etc.) on clothing may not dishonor our Lord.

If a student’s appearance is a distraction then the student will be removed from class, and parents will be called to bring a change of clothes. We have over-sized T-shirts available for temporary use.

Information taken from Policies & Procedures.

Please contact our director, Molly Crocker, with any questions.

Thank you!

It’s going to be HOT, but we still have a dress code.
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