We have several students who may be utilizing study halls this year in between classes, so we want to make sure everyone understands what is expected and required during its use (taken from Policies & Procedures). If you have a student who will be attending study hall, please review these guidelines with them:

  • All students on the premises not waiting for parent pickup will either be in class or in a supervised study hall. NO EXCEPTIONS! Our study hall is set up for two reasons: To provide a quiet place for your child to complete homework, and to assist you so that you do not have to pick up your children in between classes.
  • Please do NOT use study hall for social time. We have school on two days per week, which leaves five for socializing.
  • The study hall supervisor is in charge. Students will follow directions given by that person. That person’s job is to maintain a quiet place for students to work. ANY activity that is a distraction or a disruption can be ended by the supervisor. Please refer to the discipline policy, above.
  • Any unusual or inappropriate behavior will be reported to the ZLO administrator and the student’s parents. Students may utilize other areas of the building or grounds for other activity IF there is an available supervisor.
  • ALL students must remain in areas where they are supervised.
    Note: If the student needs to leave the study hall for any reason, they must let the supervisor know before leaving the room. This helps with safety and accountability.

Please contact our Director, Molly Crocker, with any questions.

Thank you!

Important Study Hall Reminder!
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