It’s July. Long summer days don’t make you think about school. There’s half of summer to go! There’s the Fair! There’s time for a road trip. There’s heat, and a swimming hole calling. We understand!

But here on the instructor side things are progressing towards fall. We’re thinking about fun and educational things to do with students. We’re thinking about NEW classes to offer at some point, and some new ideas have already turned up for fall. (Read your newsletter carefully!)
Sadly, we are also about to consider canceling some classes because they are under-enrolled. Here are a couple of action points we would like you to consider.
1.  Is YOUR registration still up in the air? If there are circumstances that you are waiting to settle out before you commit to ZLO for this fall, would you please let us know? But if you’ve just forgotten that there’s a late fee for late enrollment then hop on over to our Register Now page and click those buttons.
2.  We currently have 48 students enrolled for fall. Our finances are most comfortable when we have at least 60 students signed up. By far, the best advertising is word-of-mouth, and we’re willing to pay for it. So tell another family about us! Host a dessert for a family or two looking for homeschool options and new to ZLO, and I or another instructor will come and give our ZLO info-talk. For every student who signs up as a result of that meeting, ZLO will credit your account $25. Gather your friends and give Molly Crocker a call or text:  360-303-3464.
Now, go collect some more vitamin D!
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