The Freshman English class collaborated on a poem in which we praise God for His abundant goodness to us. This is especially appropriate in that ZLO has been revitalized this past year thanks to a group of dedicated parents who poured out their time, gifts and prayers on our behalf. May God be praised.

A Psalm of Worship and Praise

inspired by Psalm 145
Freshman English writers

Worship Him for what He has made:

Your body, hope, mercy,

Water, air, and the sky

Holding thousands

Of shining diamonds. (Angela)

The Lord is righteous

His bounty rains down on those who fear Him

He protects all those who love Him

He will destroy all those who walk in darkness

He lifts up all those who fall (Derek)

I thank you God for

The everyday surprise,

Grass that sparkles with early morning dew,

Rays of sunshine that pierce through deep fog,

And hidden flowers that display brilliant hues. (Emma)

He gives hope to the hopeless

He gives strength to the weak

He awards wisdom to those who follow him

He breathes life into the dead

He promises everlasting life to those who love him (Waylon)

May we speak

Of your mercy and grace forever

Will the children of

Our children speak of

Your mercy and grace. (Greg)

The Lord teaches the birds their songs

And gives the flowers their garb.

He set the atoms spinning

And put the planets in place.

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise! (Travis)


This blog entry was originally posted on our previous website, on an earlier date. (~2015-Feb 2016)

Freshman Collaboration
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