Thank you, Spackman Family, for volunteering for the first semester! We are still looking for another family (families) to help during 2nd semester. Will you help?

Second Semester: Would you be willing to pick up and/or serve pizza from Costco on Tuesdays? This is our hot lunch option at ZLO and families rely on its availability each week. The family that commits to taking on this responsibility will be allowed (2) free slices of pizza (per family) each week.

What is required?

  • Pick up pizza at Costco’s deli each Tuesday morning at 10:30 am. You can pick up funds at ZLO on your way to Costco, or be reimbursed during the lunch period.
  • Serve pizza to hungry students & staff
  • If you would like help but would just like to pick up the pizza, or just serve, let us know!

If you are willing, please let Deanna Kangas know ASAP. Thank you!

Free pizza?
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