We have a couple of opportunities to get to a low tide this year.

1. The first one is coming up next Friday (4/28) at 1:30 PM, it is a -1.85 tide at Birch Bay.  Birch Bay is a bit rocky in the upper beach and turns to sand as you get farther out.  This allows us to see a range of life on the beach and we get to dig in the sand and find worms and clams and other interesting animals.  We will meet near the south end of the Park, right by the water.  There are some parking areas and BBQ grills across the road from the beach.

2. The next low tide is a bit special since it is a -2.86 tide at noon on Friday, May 26.  We will go to the Boat Launch at Larrabee State Park and get out to some of the real low water areas.  A good chance to see life on the rocks in areas that are usually only visible a few days out of the year.  The boat launch is down Cove Rd, about a 1/2 mile north of the main Park Entrance.

Both places are excellent locations for lunch, and if the weather is nice, it’s great to BBQ some hot dogs (more on that a day or two before the trip).  Rubber boots are recommended, or shoes that you don’t mind getting wet.

3. The last field trip is to the aquarium in Vancouver, BC.  It’s a great place to see lots of different animals, and we can stop at Bloedel Conservatory and see tropical plants and animals.  I’m looking at Friday, June 2nd for this trip.  NOTE: students do NOT need a passport for school trips to Canada, just a letter of permission signed by both parents, and a copy of the birth certificate.

As always, parents and siblings are welcome (and an extra driver is necessary on the trip to Canada).

Hope to see you on one or more of these trips,
Wayne Youngquist

Field Trips with the ZLO Biology Class