We love a good challenge in Decompressed Algebra. These awesome mathematicians are racing to answer a series of algebraic sentences that depend on them getting the previous answer correct.  Then, they silently shared their answer with their fingers. Abby cleverly shared -2 by showing her 2 fingers upside down.  We know how to have fun!

Mrs. Hadfield

What is Decompressed Algebra?

(Taken from our course description here)

Decompressed Algebra, a Two-Year Course

This is EXACTLY the same course as Algebra in one year, but is spread across four semesters. It is particularly appropriate for young students who have completed all of Pre-Algebra, have demonstrated the cognitive maturity for algebra, but who may drown in the amount and the pace of homework required. It is also appropriate for older students who prefer a slower pace, and for parents with demonstrated math phobia. We LOVE teaching this course! We can allow students to simmer gently and not be in a hurry. This is also a good course for students who are busy with extra-curricular activities. At ZLO, we actually bring more students through the Decompressed series than through Algebra in one year.

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Classroom Connection: Decompressed Algebra