We’ve now finished two full weeks, plus a day, of in-person learning, and things are going smoothly! Here are just a few more glimpses of what is happening inside the classrooms:

Chinese Language & Culture with Mrs. Naomi Wilkes

It was so rewarding to see my students in person! I loved getting to connect more with my students and see their sense of community grow as well. The students jumped in with enthusiasm and contributed to decorating our classroom with posters. We tried out a new language game, chose Chinese names, and practiced writing them in Chinese. I was delighted to have more effective classroom time, more options for using space creatively, and a bigger whiteboard. 🙂 My students were excited to have a classroom and see each other, and that they didn’t have to turn in their homework via email. 🙂 There was a lot of laughter and fun, and I am thankful for a great start to our second semester!

In terms of other feedback, I think that everything went really well in my classroom. We were able to space effectively and the students were very conscious and cooperative. I appreciated that several of the teachers connected with me and it was neat to see them. That was my first time teaching in a ZLO classroom and it went very smoothly. I hope you all enjoyed your first day back as well!

Spanish with Mrs. Kristi Andres

On Thursday both Spanish classes celebrated Valentine’s Day (día de amor y amistad), in Spanish this means day of love and friendship. In the hispanic culture the holiday is not only for romantic love but includes all sorts of relationships, friends, siblings, parents, etc. We watched a couple of songs, practicing some Valentine vocabulary and made Spanish valentines. We had Mexican treats (pre-packaged) of rice crispy chocolate frogs and watermelon suckers covered in chili (my favorite!).

Decompressed Algebra – Year One with Mrs. Christine Blankenship

I am just thankful to connect with students, unscreened by technology. Our class is happy to move on to Unit 3, another mile marker! This moves us to functions, graphs, and slopes. Sorry, not Mt. Baker kind of slopes. These are math angles we would not want to ski on!

Classroom Connection: Chinese, Spanish & Algebra
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