Welcome, and welcome back!

The 2018-19 school year is ZLO’s 25th year. Once again, we are pleased to be instruments of God’s will in his business of spreading his kingdom. We want our students to be anchored in the Christian faith, to learn how to recognize God’s fingerprints on creation and in history, and to be able to communicate well to share that faith.

The education goal is less about university and more about diligence in study and excellence in presentation. We need diligence and excellence in professional scholars, journalism, farming, and truck driving. No matter what God calls us to do, small or large, whether prophet, priest, king, or Joseph unjustly jailed in Egypt, we will do our best.

What we love about teaching at ZLO is the ability to tailor curriculum and expectations to our students. We want to build confidence and open brains. Occasionally we revive crushed spirits. I wish we could say we did this perfectly with every student. Much depends on our partnership with families in building these young lives. Your communication with us is vital to our success.

We want it to be a great experience. Rather than being the industrial-manufacturing-conveyor-belt that is many of today’s schools, we want to follow a customer service model. What do you need? How can we help you? If something is not quite right, if your student is struggling, if there is a family matter that’s taking the greater part of a student’s attention, will you please let us know? If we can fix it, we will!

Together we will make this a fantastic year!

Molly Crocker, ZLO Director
(360) 303-3464

Classes Begin!
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