Curious? Heard about ZLO? Not sure what it is?

Come and try the classes at Zacchaeus Learning Opportunities!

Our next “Bring a Friend to School Day” is May 14th at ZLO. Students, ask your homeschooling friends to join you for a day at ZLO. If you know someone who attends ZLO and want to visit our classes, ask them to bring you with them on either of these days. If you don’t know someone at ZLO, that’s okay too! Just come visit for the day!

We offer once a week and twice a week classes for homeschoolers in English, Math, Science, Spanish and Geography. Be sure to bring a lunch.

If you have questions, please call Molly Crocker at 303-3464, or email us using our contact form.


This blog entry was originally posted on our previous website, on an earlier date. (~2015-Feb 2016)

Bring a Friend to School Days
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