Level 1. Work Exchanges for Tuition Credit

No application is required for this level.  Please ask our bookkeeper about availability. In order to complete all these necessary tasks, we often have to recruit folks who don’t necessarily need the work exchange credit.

The amount of exchange will be divided by nine, and your account will be credited nine times throughout the year (Sept- May)

Study Hall Supervisor $450 (1-2 per hour, depending on the number of students in study hall that hour) Supervise students who have a free period. Enforce the quiet study criteria, or take some students to another area (or outside) for a break. Patrol building for unsupervised students.

Janitorial Assistance $400 (2 Tues/2 Thurs) At the end of each class day, empty wastebaskets, check and tidy restrooms, secure windows and doors.  Spray, clean, and put away tables in study hall and classrooms. Put away carts and display items and put in closet.  Set up chairs in sanctuary for church.

Lunch Supervisors $300 (2 needed) Arrive five minutes before lunch and supervise students while they are eating lunch and playing. Make sure that students clean up after themselves and behave in a safe manner. Report any problems to the administrator.

Registrar $300 (1 each semester) Expedite the Scheduling Exercise.  Work on the scheduling “wall” and help finalize the schedule. Collect registrations at the Open House. Work with instructors and parents to properly place and develop student schedules.  Keep instructors updated about enrollments. Work with bookkeeper to assemble class lists for each course and for study hall.  A few weeks into each semester, have teachers compare class lists with actual attendance and correct discrepancies. Then assemble a contact list for publication.

Newsletter $200 (1 each semester) Solicit from instructors, administrator, parent coordinator and bookkeeper (perhaps others) information important to convey to our families.  Assemble and email 1x weekly when we meet, every 2-3 weeks during the summer.  Special announcement emails may also be required.

Advertising $300 (1 each semester) Make and post informational flyers to be handed out, as well as posted at public places in Whatcom County.  Supply monthly advertising to the WHA newsletter (ZLO pays for this).  Post to our Facebook page for special events.  Post to other homeschooling Facebook pages about our upcoming events. Look for opportunities to promote ZLO.  Creativity and persistence are important elements.

Webmaster $300 (1 each semester) Maintain our website and its security.  Acquire and post photos, prod instructors for updated information, set up forms and spreadsheets for the scheduling exercise and registration. Browse for outdated information.

Writing for publications $300 (1 each semester) Supply articles about ZLO to ANY Whatcom County publication willing to publish them, at least three per semester.

PTO Parent coordinator / Open House Coordinator $300 (1 each semester.) Organize ZLO parents for our various activities (first day welcome, information lunch, etc.) for hosting, refreshments, setting up and cleaning up for the Open House each semester.  A more complete list of tasks can be provided to interested parents upon request.

Fund Raising Coordinator 33% of profits, up to your total ZLO billing. If you have a great idea for raising money for our financial aid fund, then YOU get 33% of profits from that fundraiser, up to but not more than your entire ZLO billing for that semester. These profits will be applied to your ZLO bill. Please bring your idea to the ZLO administrator.

Level 2. Application for financial aid (a .pdf file)

If you need more than what might be available above, then you may apply for additional financial aid. The application is simple, but requires some record keeping on your part.

You may apply for up to 3/4 of a class fee, up to a maximum of three classes for any one student.  YOU are responsible for the registration portion of the course costs.

Students new to ZLO may apply for a single class fee during their first semester with ZLO.

Your family will participate in all fund raising efforts during each semester that aid is requested. It is your responsibility to read emails from ZLO to find out what these are and to contact fundraising coordinators to find out how you can participate.

Your financial aid request must be delivered by August 15 for a given school year.  It must be accompanied by your GPA record.  A  2.5 GPA is required and must be maintained throughout the year to remain eligible.  Student must request and provide a recommendation from the instructor of any failed class, or a class dropped for any reason.

Tracking your GPA (a .pdf file)

Level 3.

If you need financial aid, but are unable to participate in work exchanges and/or all fund raising efforts, then please mark this on your financial aid application.

A ZLO board member will contact you and help you explore every option for financial relief. This level of aid is granted when a family disaster prevents participation in fundraising efforts. These might include a major illness or death in the family, or loss of a job.

If you have an emergency need please ask our bookkeeper, administrator, or an instructor. We cannot help you unless we know your need, and we are always open to new ideas.