Since 1990 Mrs. Likkel has been teaching in Christian dayschools, parent partnership programs and her own private teaching to homeschool students. Additionally, she has taken numerous continuing education courses in writing and reading as well as leading workshops to parents and teachers helping them get their kids excited about writing. Parents say, “Sue’s teaching style helped [our child] achieve confidence in her work and improve her performance in her writing,” and, “Mrs. Likkel elicits creativity and growth” in a subject that some students approach with trepidation.

What’s Mrs. Likkel’s teaching style like? Well, kids tell us she’s fun and relaxed yet she’s also very serious about her subject. Her main goal is to see kids succeed and she uses a variety of methods to achieve that. Getting to know her students, she soon learns who needs a little push, more of a challenge, a different approach or maybe some modifications. If a student needs more time or an extra layer to reinforce a skill, she’s more than happy to provide that. ZLO’s small class sizes enable her to get to know the kids’ academic strengths and weaknesses and teach to those.

Class times are very dense with learning. Every minute is precious so Mrs. Likkel plans activities that get the students involved. Sometimes kids get up and walk around the room, identifying parts of speech. Sometimes they’re at the board writing new verbs or adding prep. phrases to make stronger sentences. Sometimes students have to read a passage and make a text-to-text connection, linking what they’ve read with another passage from an earlier reading. Speeches (not as scary as kids think, they later report), presentations, reading Shakespeare aloud, debating current topics…all get kids actively involved in their learning.

What makes Mrs. Likkel most proud is that her students feel good about their accomplishments – as measured by what they can do, not what their peers can do. She encourages them liberally and always cheers them on. Excited about reading, she’s a passionate reader and passes along titles all year long. A writer herself, she knows the process and potential frustrations of getting words on a page. But she also knows the joy of saying just the right sentence in the right way.

If you’re interested in an evaluation of your child, Mrs. Likkel is more than happy to do a complimentary one-on-one assessment of your student. Contact Mrs. Likkel with any questions about any of her classes.

Courses offered:
  • Writer’s L.A.B. 6th-7th grade
  • Beyond the Basics 8th-9th grade
  • Freshman English 9th grade
  • Sophomore English 10th grade

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