Sierra was born and raised in North Bend, Washington and grew up at a home in the Cascade mountains. Growing up surrounded by nature gave her a heart for the sciences and a desire to learn more about how the world around us works. She attended Bellevue College where she earned her Associates in Arts and Sciences with honors. After graduating, she moved to Ferndale to attend Western Washington University where she graduated with a Bachelors in Biology/Anthropology and a minor in Psychology. During her time at Western Washington University, she was chosen to be an Anatomy and Physiology Assistant Teacher to help the undergraduate students succeed.

Since 2018, Sierra has been active in the Christian communities Ekklesia and the INN/The Garden, where she works with other young adults to build and strengthen their faith. Sierra loves to continuously learn more about God and His creation through the various sciences including biology, chemistry, and environmental science. She seeks to better understand how God made the world we live in and to impart to others how science shows us His glory.
In her free time, Sierra enjoys painting, hiking, reading, and caring for her three guinea pigs.


Courses offered:

Middle School Science

High School Biology

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