Heather Templin – ZLO Early Learners

I’m Heather Templin, and I’m so thrilled to have joined the ZLO team in 2019!

Ever since childhood I’ve been drawn to working with children. I started as a camp counselor in middle school, and never stopped!

Children and God’s word are my passions.

I graduated from San Diego State University and began my teaching career as a special-Ed kindergarten teacher.

After having children I then chose to work part time as the Early Children’s Ministry Director at Christ the King Community Church, and recently began substitute teaching at Bellingham Christian and ZLO.

I’m thrilled to sing to the Lord with your children. We will clap our hands and stomp our feet and praise His name! Let’s go explore His mighty World that he created for us! Ready to get muddy?

Courses offered:
  • Early Learners

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