Mrs. CrockerAs ZLO Director, Molly holds a BA in Education (Music) with a minor in Mathematics (1979), and an MA in Educational Technology (1992), both from WWU.

She has taught in a variety of public and private schools, with age levels from preschool to university pre-service teachers; in her own classroom, as a tutor, as a substitute teacher; in subject areas ranging from band, choir, math, elementary music, and general classroom.

In 1994, at the request of three sets of parents, she began teaching math classes to homeschoolers. This later grew into ZLO. She has also served as adjunct faculty in the math department at Whatcom Community College since 1997, teaching pre-calculus mathematics, and as the algebra instructor for Evergreen Christian School.

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What is class like? All classes seek to make knowledge of the universe an extension of the knowledge of God. The fear (deep respect) of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. Seeking knowledge should be seeking to know God.

Kidz Math classes are activity oriented. Parents are welcome to come and their assistance is required on some days. If those parents have one or two ‘youngers’ then those are welcome, too. We LOVE families and can find something for them to do. Often they can participate in a game or the activity as well. We’ll start a few pages of homework in class, and this is tailored to the student’s level and abilities. These pages may be completed in class or taken home.

Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra begin to move toward a more traditional classroom delivery. Both include activities and games, but we move students toward a greater emphasis on a uniform understanding of mathematics and accomplishing homework. Arithmetic is self-paced, but Pre-Algebra moves the whole class as a group.

The Algebra (including the Decompressed series) and Geometry are delivered as direct instruction plus homework and occasionally include classroom activities. The Geometry class requires some exploration outside of class. The goal is to encourage some independent learning, and the student taking control of his or her own education.

The 2nd Year Algebra/Pre-Calculus course is information-dense, and most closely resembles a traditional classroom delivery. Students must be well-prepared for this course, which moves along quite quickly to accomplish high school mathematics up to trigonometry. We occasionally have enough interest in a Trigonometry course, which would take another semester. This sequence is full preparation for Calculus.

Music classes are very busy! Students will expect to sing or play for much of the hour, so practice and preparation for the next class is very important! God-honoring music is used. Students are expected to learn music theory. Ear training is vital! I would like to flood the world with worship leaders who know their craft, know how to work with a group, know how to ask members of a group to gain more skill, to never be satisfied with their current level, to honor God with excellence in their performance and in their message.

Courses offered:
  • Kidz Math 1 and 2
  • Math for Middle School
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Decompressed Algebra
  • Geometry
  • 2nd Year Algebra/Pre-Calculus
  • Kidz Music
  • Beginning Guitar
  • Guitar for Worship
  • Beginning Band

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