Noah grew up in a homeschooled family of 6 children, all of which attended ZLO. He graduated from ZLO in 2017, from which he went on to Whatcom Community College to study in the Visual Communications program and get his AA.

He has been making videos since the start of his YouTube channel in 2014. It is a medium he has fallen in love with and wants to help others create.

He works with 4th and 5th graders every Sunday at Cornwall Church as a small group leader, as well as works with middle schoolers every Thursday at Northwest Baptist.

Noah’s Teaching Style: More lab-based and hands-on, tactical learning, rather than homework, homework, homework! He will give very few lectures throughout the class. There will be little-to-no reading (Thank goodness!) and the class will consist of a few projects throughout the year, as well as a final project that will be comprehensive of everything we’ve learned that school year. Most of the latter half of the class will consist of in-class work, editing, compiling, and practice, rather than lectures.

Everyone who knows him knows that he has a sense of humor and likes to keep things light.

He is more than willing to communicate with parents of students and will send out progress reports periodically.

Below, you will find a short demo reel of some video projects he’s worked on in the past.



Courses offered:
  • Online Video Production
  • Advanced Video Production

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