Meet our Instructors

From left to right: Heather Hadfield, Molly Crocker, Vanessa Vis, Douglas Mangum, Sue Likkel, Laurie Charleston, James Crosetti. New instructors for 2019-2020 not pictured: Noah Johnson, Kristi Andres, Heather Templin

Our instructors are approved by our administration and board. While they may not all be certified in Washington State, all have shown to have extensive knowledge in their field, experience teaching, and commitment to Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Mrs. Molly Crocker: Math & Music, ZLO Director

Mrs. Kristi Andres: Spanish

Mrs. Dana Carpenter: English & Personal Finance

Mrs. Laurie Charleston: Art

Mr. James Crosetti: Math & Science

Mrs. Heather Hadfield: Math & Science

Mr. Noah Johnson: Online Video Production

Mrs. Sue Likkel: English 7th through 11th grade

Dr. Douglas Mangum: History, Bible, Civics

Mrs. Heather Templin: Early Learners Class

Mrs. Naomi Wilkes: Chinese & Fiddle

Are you interested in teaching a course or more at ZLO?

Are you a born-again Christian? Do you believe that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge? Do you know how to lead students to greater knowledge of God through your subject area?

Click here for some information about what it’s like to teach at ZLO. 

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Mrs. Kristi Andres
Mrs. Heather Templin
Mrs. Dana Carpenter
Mrs. Naomi Wilkes