This list of classes is everything we could offer. Not all classes make it onto our class schedule. If you see something here that is not on the schedule then contact the instructor for that class. We have flexibility: when there is interest we can gather a group and begin a class. Any time. Fees can be adjusted accordingly and would be set by the instructor and the administrator. Please ask!

Online Video Production

Instructor: Mr. Johnson
Grade Level: 7th Grade and up
When: Tuesday and Thursday for one semester; only Thursdays for two semesters.
Prerequisite: A basic knowledge of file management. (Not required, but will make life easier for everyone)
Min/Max Enrollment: 4/10

The structure of the course consists of mostly in-class exercises, projects, some lectures, and a final, comprehensive project that will include all of the skills we learned up to this point.

  • Students will be required to have a laptop, a device to record video, and access to an internet connection.
  • All programs used during the class are free.
  • This class is for beginners, or more intermediate students.

[Side note: This course will run for one semester. I will also be offering an Advanced Video Production Course that will focus on doing a lot more projects and in-class exercises to strengthen skills learned in Online Video Production]

Advanced Video Production

Instructor: Mr. Johnson
Grade Level: 7th Grade and up
When: Tuesday and Thursday for one semester
Prerequisite: Must have intermediate knowledge and skill in video production, and/or have completed Online Video Production
Min/Max Enrollment: 4/10

A continuation of the Online Video Production course. It will expand on, and strengthen, students’ skills in video creation and production.


Technology and the Bible

Instructor: Molly Crocker
Grade Level or Ability Level: For students age with at least moderate keyboard skills, lengthy access to a computer at home, a digital camera, a vivid imagination, and a heart for communicating the Bible to our modern culture.
Pre-requisites: None
When: 2x weekly
Min / Max Enrollment: 4/10

The Bible is NOT a book of ancient, dusty stories! The Bible is filled with intrigue, romance, terror, kings, princesses, warriors, monsters, natural disasters, and everyday people doing extraordinary things with the help of God. We are going to tell stories from the Bible in a variety of ways that appeals to our modern society. We’ll learn how to use Keynote or PowerPoint, make picture books and photo books, make movies in stop-action video format, animation, or by using our friends and family as actors. We’ll figure out how to do special effects, lighting, Photoshop. We’ll have to learn about collaborating to get a project done, about using online resources, about networking and storage. No grades will be given, but everyone will produce a project that will be put on YouTube for sharing with the world.