This list of classes is everything we could offer. Not all classes make it onto our class schedule. If you see something here that is not on the schedule then contact the instructor for that class. We have flexibility: when there is interest we can gather a group and begin a class. Any time. Fees can be adjusted accordingly and would be set by the instructor and the administrator. Please ask!

Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations

Instructor: Mrs. Curd
Grade Level: High School (and Adults too!)
When: 1x/week for one semester (Students can choose between Tuesday or Thursday class)
Prerequisite: Students must supply their own laptop and bring it to each class.
Min/Max Enrollment: 4/10

Does that job requirement of “Proficient in Microsoft Office or similar products” make you anxious? Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations Class (DSP) is designed to give the students a thorough understanding of how to use their current DSP software (ie. Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, or Pages/Numbers/Keynote). The class will meet once a week for a total of 18 weeks. Students will need to supply their own laptop with one of the mentioned software programs loaded on their computer. (OpenOffice and LibreOffice are available for free.)

Contact Mrs. Curd if you have any questions.

Principles of Computer Science (Coding)

Instructor: Mrs. Berdan
Grade Level: Grades 6-12
Course Length: 2 Semesters
Prerequisite: Some Algebra, and basic computer skills.
Min/Max Enrollment: 4/10
Course Materials: Access to a tablet or laptop is encouraged. Many of the exercises are “unplugged” which enables any student to complete the course successfully, however, the use of the computer and its tools are the focus of the course.

We will examine the foundations for computer coding by exploring the world of computer science. We will take an in depth look at some aspects of the computer world by exploring human computer interaction, problem solving, programming, and data analysis.

Students will develop their critical thinking skills by practicing encoding problems, identifying patterns, writing algorithms, and developing skills for programming. We will also take a look at ethics in computing and our responsibilities as computer users in the current digital age.

We will have guest instructors, including James Bach, who is a leader in Exploratory Testing methodology and instructs software companies around the world. A class trip to a software lab is also a possibility (TBD).

Critical Thinking with Technical Writing

Instructor: Mrs. Berdan
Grade Level: Grades 8-12
Course Length: 2 Semesters
Prerequisite: None
Min/Max Enrollment: 4/10
Course Materials: Access to a tablet or laptop is encouraged. We might use computer tools for data manipulation.

In this class, we will explore how to think critically as well as expressing complicated ideas in a simple way.

Critical thinking is being tossed aside as search engines replace our brains…. and now more than ever, the ability to communicate clearly and with confidence is an important skill as we maneuver through a competitive world.

Students will learn the art of expressing confident language using problem solving exercises and challenging logic games. The use of safety language is also introduced. Process writing will come alongside as they develop their thoughts of the problems and how to solve them.

Join us for a fun yet confidence boosting course in the art of critical thinking and writing.

Technology and the Bible

Instructor: Molly Crocker
Grade Level or Ability Level: For students age with at least moderate keyboard skills, lengthy access to a computer at home, a digital camera, a vivid imagination, and a heart for communicating the Bible to our modern culture.
Pre-requisites: None
When: 2x weekly
Min / Max Enrollment: 4/10

The Bible is NOT a book of ancient, dusty stories! The Bible is filled with intrigue, romance, terror, kings, princesses, warriors, monsters, natural disasters, and everyday people doing extraordinary things with the help of God. We are going to tell stories from the Bible in a variety of ways that appeals to our modern society. We’ll learn how to use Keynote or PowerPoint, make picture books and photo books, make movies in stop-action video format, animation, or by using our friends and family as actors. We’ll figure out how to do special effects, lighting, Photoshop. We’ll have to learn about collaborating to get a project done, about using online resources, about networking and storage. No grades will be given, but everyone will produce a project that will be put on YouTube for sharing with the world.