This list of classes is everything we could offer. Not all classes make it onto our class schedule. If you see something here that is not on the schedule then contact the instructor for that class. We have flexibility: when there is interest we can gather a group and begin a class. Any time. Fees can be adjusted accordingly, and would be set by the instructor and the administrator. Please ask!

Kidz Music

Instructor: Molly Crocker
Grade Level or Ability Level: Elementary Age
Pre-requisite: None, and parents are welcome to join in each week.
When: 1x weekly
Course Length: 2 Semesters
No textbooks. Come each week for musical learning fun.

Course expectations: there is no homework or outside practice.

Kidz Music will provide singing, movement, beginning music notation lessons, and a few musical surprises during the semester. Parents are welcome to join us each week!

Beginning Band

Instructor: Molly Crocker
Grade Level or Ability Level: Ages 10 and up
Pre-requisites: None. Students must supply their own instruments and music book.
When: 2x weekly
Course Length: 1 Semester, and may be repeated second semester.

Students will supply one of: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, or trombone. Students interested in percussion should start on one of these or be taking piano lessons concurrently. (Most band instrument rental programs allow a student to start with one of these and then move rental funds paid toward the purchase of another instrument, such as oboe or French horn.)

Textbook: Essential Elements: A Comprehensive Band Method Book 1 (book must be purchased prior to first class).

Course expectations: students will be expected to practice their instruments outside of class and bring their instruments and music to class. There will be a family concert toward the end of each term, and a song to be played at Open House.

Description: Beginning band is for those who have never played a band instrument. (Please contact instructor if you have had prior band experience and would like to attend this class as a refresher course.)

Beginning Guitar and Family Music

Instructor: Molly Crocker
Grade Level or Ability Level: For kids who have a guitar that fits their hands up to adults. Parents welcome!
Pre-requisite: None
When: 2x weekly – may meet outside the ZLO Tu-Th schedule. (Is YOUR home available?)
Course Length: 1 Year

Enroll one student, parents are welcome to bring a guitar and join in on Tuesdays, and the whole family is welcome on Thursdays for group music and sing-along time.

Students will supply an acoustic guitar in good condition and playability. If you have questions then please contact the instructor.

Students should expect 20-30 minutes of practice at least 5 days per week.

The best way to promote guitar practice is through a bit of scheduled performance.  On Tuesdays we’ll be studying guitar technique and practicing with songs.  On Thursdays, right from the beginning, we want all available family members to come and participate in a musical experience for everyone that will include not only singing with guitar accompaniment, but also working with rhythm instruments, Boom Whackers (look them up on YouTube!) and some movement with music.  In the fall we’ll start learning chords and accompaniment style guitar using the Wee Sing Bible Songs book, Mrs. Crocker’s extensive sing-along repertoire, and easy Christmas carols.  We’ll transition to include strumming styles, finger picking, flat picking, and learning how to read and play notes on our guitar, with our voices, and with additional instruments.  Family members who play other instruments are encouraged to bring them on Thursdays.

Guitar for Worship

Instructor: Molly Crocker
Pre-requisite: Knowledge of first position chords, familiarity with how music is written, and willingness to sing.
When: 1x weekly – may meet outside the ZLO Tu-Th schedule. (Is YOUR home available?)
Course Length: 1 Semester

Students should expect 20-30 minutes of practice at least 5 days per week.

We will advance skills learned in Beginning Guitar to include bar chords, fret work, improvising, playing with an ensemble, and leading singing for a group. Music choices will include folk songs appropriate for singing as a family, on a road trip or around a campfire, and worship songs and hymns.