This list of classes is everything we could offer. Not all classes make it onto our class schedule. If you see something here that is not on the schedule then contact the instructor for that class. We have flexibility: when there is interest we can gather a group and begin a class. Any time. Fees can be adjusted accordingly, and would be set by the instructor and the administrator. Please ask!

Classical Latin

Instructor: Dr. Douglas Mangum
Grade Level or Ability Level: Grades 6-12
When: 2x weekly
Course Length: 2 Semesters
Text: TBD

Expand your English vocabulary while learning a foreign language! In this course, you will learn the basics of classical Latin. We will study Latin’s vocabulary, grammar, and syntax and gain the skills needed to read Latin texts. Learning Latin also helps reinforce the workings of English grammar and enhance your English vocabulary because so many words in English are related to Latin roots. We will also learn about Roman culture and history though reading basic Latin texts.

Spanish I

Instructor: Mrs. Kristi Andres
A 2x weekly class
Grade Level or Ability Level: Middle School & High School
Min/Max enrollment 4/10

First year Spanish will start with the basics, including colors, numbers, present tense verbs, and will include such things as getting to know others, going places and doing things, feelings, having and sharing, school life and favorite foods. We learn songs and Bible verses in Spanish and a bit of the Hispanic culture. The pace of the class will be at a high school level but will be fun and will accommodate middle schoolers who want to learn Spanish.