You are a homeschooling parent. What we do should support what you do. You’re in charge.

Students are individuals, not objects on a conveyor belt. One of the thing that makes us different is that we don’t have an expectation for WHEN your student should accomplish a particular level, we expect ALL of our students to achieve those standards when they are ready. We put students where they can succeed, at a level that’s appropriate for them, and then we take them to the next level, without regard for age. That’s a customer service approach, not an industrial manufacturing approach.

Choose the courses you want or need for your student, to complete YOUR homeschool curriculum. Our courses are meant to cover a year’s material, taught in small classes in two days per week. We can cover a year’s worth because our classes are small, and because we are very jealous of our time with your students. We don’t have to march everyone off to class photos for the yearbook. We don’t have pep assemblies on Fridays. We do school when we have your kids, and we don’t waste their time.

It can be intensive! Not many students take a ‘full load’ at ZLO, because they come from homeschooling families that can accomplish much of the curriculum on their own. Most students take 1 – 3 classes.

Where do our students go from ZLO? Into every walk of life. We have farmers, mathematicians, geologists, translators, IT experts, and social workers that we can count among our alumni. We are glad to have served them all.