A new-to-ZLO parent for Fall 2018 has a child with a pretty full schedule on Tuesdays and just a single class on Thursdays. What makes this situation a little stickier is an additional older child, all of whose classes are both Tuesday and Thursday. The extra transportation requirements for just Thursday may make their ZLO involvement too difficult. How many others of you are like that out there? What would solve this problem?

Here are some suggestions we had, but it would require more families to be on board with this:

  • A Thursday parent cooperative, that would not be an additional cost.  Parents could share leading some coursework over a single or a sequence of Thursdays.
  • ZLO could find a coordinator who could prescribe additional curriculum to be completed on Thursdays and/or at home, across a variety of subject areas or those subject areas of interest to the child.  This would be cost at the 1x weekly class rate.  Families could sign up for 1 to 4 such sessions, covering some or all of Thursday.
  • Offer some additional Thursday-only classes.

What would you like to see happen?

Send an email to director@zlo.org and give us some feedback.
A ZLO Thursdays Predicament
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