From the May 30 newsletter:

It’s Friday morning after Open House, and I’m reflecting on the evening. Every time I think about it I just get a smile on my face!

First, y’all turned out in droves! That means a whole lot to us, the instructors, who work pretty hard to get these students to this point. Some need the extra added incentive of parents who will say “I’m coming to see YOU.”

Second, there are a huge number of people who WORK to make this happen! Jill Roderick coordinates the parent helper side and was there until we turned out the lights. There were people in the kitchen, people who worked on displays, people cleaning up and putting away, people who helped with the ZLO bucks store, people who brought goodies to share, people who offered help everywhere! If I make a list I’ll leave someone out. I really LOVE working with you all!

Third, displays were first-rate. Did you see the personal anthologies that Mrs. Likkel’s sophomores created? Did you see the geometry projects video that the geometry students produced? (Links to see those coming soon.) Did you feel like you’d walked into another part of the world in Mrs. Wolter’s room? For a few hours, we turn the place into a museum of learning, and there’s never enough time to see everything.

What was your favorite part? Click ‘reply’ and tell us, or go on over to our Facebook page and add a comment.

Blessings on you all! Thank you for making my 60th birthday very memorable!

Molly Crocker

A Note from the Director
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