From the July 25 newsletter:


Perhaps you wonder what it will take to get your child to his/her stated goal for a career or more education after high school. Maybe you need to compare what you have done with what needs to be done. Here’s a link to Landry Academy’s course planning page, with easy-to-follow guides for nearly every kind of student. What’s missing is the student deep into the arts, already successful in that area.

Landry Academy

My only comment on these plans is to use them as a GUIDE! What if your student doesn’t match up as a 10th grader, for instance, with their intended path? Maybe she’s ahead in English but behind in Math? Then, as a homeschooling family, you have the opportunity to hang on to this kid until all of the blocks are filled in. Everything that’s laid out in the 9th-grade year doesn’t have to be accomplished in the 9th-grade year. You have the freedom to take your time and get it right. Please do so!

A Link to Help Plan for High School