• UPDATE 6/13/2018: Freshman English (Mrs. Likkel) is almost full, with only one seat left! Register today to guarantee your student’s place in this class.
 CrockerCharlestonCrosettiHadfieldLikkelVisSpanishSocial Studies &
Business &
1st Period
8:45 am
(Tue Only)
GeometryBeyond the Basics
Grade 7/8
Intermediate Writing
Grades 3/4
(Tue Only)
World History
for High School
Principles of Computer Science
2nd Period
10:00 am
Decompressed Algebra
Year One
(Tue Only)
High School Chemistry IAlgebra in
One Year
Writer's L.A.B.
Grade 6/7, at least 12 y/o
Foundational Writing
Grades 5/6
High School
Spanish II
11:15 - 11:45 am
3rd Period
11:45 am
Kidz MathHigh School Chemistry IDecompressed Algebra
Year Two
Sophomore English
Grade 10
High School
Spanish I
World History
for Middle School
DSP: Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations
4th Period
1:00 pm
Pre-AlgebraHigh School PhysicsMiddle School ScienceFreshman English
Grade 9
Spanish for KidsCivics / US GovernmentCareer Explorations

This schedule is a result of our Scheduling Exercise held in April 2018.

These classes can be offered outside the regular ZLO schedule:

  • 2nd Year Algebra / Pre-Calculus (Grades 10 and up) - Crocker