2017-2018 Class Schedule 

1st Period
8:20 am
Pre-AlgebraGrade School Science
Rain Forest/ Marine Life
Ages 7-11
Writer's L.A.B.
Grade 7 or Age 12
Chemistry I
2nd Period
9:35 am
Grades 9-12
Spanish for KidsIntermediate Writing
Grades 3-4
Middle School Science
Earth & Space
Ages 10-14
Sophomore English
Grade 10
3rd Period
ArithmeticSpanish IIAmerican History
Grades 4-5
1x week/Tuesdays
Decompressed Algebra
Year One
Freshman English
Grade 9
12:15 - 12:45 pm
4th Period
12:45 pm
Kidz Math (Tuesdays)Spanish IAlgebra in
One Year
Beyond the Basics
Grades 7-8
Principles of Computer Science (Coding)

This schedule is a result of our Scheduling Exercise held in April 2017.

Additional classes that may be added to the schedule, based on interest:

Middle School Science: Biology (Berdan)
High School Science: Physics (Berdan)