Find out what homeschool families have in their closets

ZLO is having an indoor Garage/Bake Sale 
Saturday, October 4th  9AM-1PM
New Life Fellowship Church Gym (come rain or shine)
810 E. Pole Rd. Lynden
Items include: Furniture, Sports Equipment, Household Items, Jewelry, Books, Toys, and much more!
Please come by and check out the wonderful treasures and delicious homemade baked goods, and help support homeschool families of Whatcom County. 

Advice From a Student

Student Abbey Clarke offers advice on getting through the school year.

read here: Blog post Clarke

Study History to Understand Our Future

“Why do we need social studies, when we won’t use it on a daily basis? Good question.
Consider, do we want our children to be cogs in the grind of daily life or actively impact their

Vanessa Vis asks and answers why Social Studies is necessary, especially now. READ HERE

Changing Course

They teach to a high standard not determined by the public school but by the parents and ultimately Our Heavenly Father.”

A new instructor’s view on being a part of ZLO at her blog here.

Why do I teach at ZLO?

I’d like to expand on the comment posted a few weeks ago and tell you why I very much enjoy teaching at ZLO.  Please connect to my blog by clicking here.

Books vs. Devices

With the proliferation of cellphones and other handheld devices, we might begin to worry that our teens don’t or won’t read anymore.  Our English teacher, Sue Likkel, has written her thoughts on that in this week’s ZLO blog post.  Click here to read it!

It’s the parents. It’s the kids. It’s the PEOPLE!

Seen today on FB:

“Grateful for a fine summer day and the wonderful friends my children have made at ZLO. The parents I’ve met are delightful folks who are all deeply invested in their children’s spiritual, educational and emotional well being.” – Kristin Uhrig

I’m trying to think of what to add to this.  This pretty much sums up what we want to support here – parents deeply invested in their children’s lives.  Us instructors – we’re on YOUR side, serving YOUR family, not an educational system invented by someone else, administered by people who have never met you.

Sophomore English now on the schedule

If you were one of the parents hoping to see Sophomore English, then you’ll be happy to know that it is now on the schedule: